WWE Raw 8/10: Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction

August 10, 2020

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another Monday night and another episode of Raw, coming to you from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

With rumors swirling of Shayna Baszler appearing on Raw Underground tonight, will the Queen of Spades have a target in mind? Might we see an appearance from the Nia Jax? Could Baszler be the next acquisition of the Hurt Business? Stay tuned here and on my Twitter: @ItzMeItzMeItDBD for all the action heading your way!

Mickie James Set to Return

It’s been reported that Mickie James will be making her return tonight to Raw!

Let’s kick things off with a contract signing between The Monday Night Messiah and Dominik Mysterio. As Rollins and possibly the best commentator across the main roster, Samoa Joe, exchange words, we are painted the picture so far and the picture ahead as Seth lays down the stipulation that Dominik will have every avenue available to him in order to defeat The Monday Night Messiah.

Seth Rollins v. Humberto Carillo

It was all Carillo as this match opened as he hoped to give an assist to Dominik heading into Summerslam but it only took one opening for Rollins to quickly regain control, capitalizing on Carillo’s ambitious top rope attempt. Just like that…. powerbomb, stomp, 1…2…3 but it was the carnage after the match that left the WWE Universe speechless.

Andrade Cien Almas v. Angelo Dawkins

As we get ready for the Raw Tag Team Championship match at Summerslam it appears that Zelina Vega needed to clear the air after last week’s horrible happening to Montez Ford.

Dawkins comes out strong, looking for retribution for Montez Ford and after a few hard shots, it was time for Andrade to take a timeout and regroup.

But as the big man ran through his gas tank, it was Almas in the driver seat as he began to sway the match to his calculated and cold style of dismantling his opponent. Despite his best efforts, Almas simply could not put away Dawkins and his frustration led to an attempt at some shenanigans by Vega. Unfortunately for Vega, Bianca Belair was having nothing to do with her games today and evened the playing field, allowing Dawkins to plant Almas with a spinebuster for the victory.

Zelina Vega v. Bianca Belair

The match began before the break ended and we returned to Vega clinging to the back of Belair for dear life. Hell bent on revenge for her husband, Belair used her size to squash any attempts at offense her undersized opponent could muster, but the supreme tactician the Vega is found a way into the match; raking the eyes of Belair. Despite the very best efforts of Vega, the power game of Bianca Belair was too much for Vega as Belair delivered the devastating Kiss Of Death and secured the victory.

And it appears as we head to break that we will be treated to special, Investigative edition of the VIP Lounge.

So it appears that MVP actually lost the US Title to the lights… Not the real US Champion, Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews v. Shelton Benjamin

Another match that couldn’t wait for the commercial break to end, it’s the agility and the brute strength of Crews that stifles the veteran know-how and in-ring IQ of Benjamin. But tables turn as Crews gets caught in a powerbomb and Benjamin grounds the US Champion. Crews battles back to his feet and regains control as he begins to our on the offense.

But the number game began to overwhelm the US Champ as some interference by The Almighty Lashley led to the quick roll up by Benjamin for the victory. Just as it appeared that that dogs would descend upon their prey, it was the MVPuppet master who would muzzle his hounds and demand that Crews be healthy for Summerslam.

We were then treated to another segment of Retribution destroying WWE property and acting like fools.

And it was Mickie James returning to Raw, only to be interrupted by Lana and Nattie who had just returned from a Sandals cruise judging by their attire.

Flyboyz & Viking Raiders v. Akira Towzawa and the Ninja Family

In what I like to call, killer filler, we get to watch some underused talent beat on some unknowns. But my snark was quickly squashed as Towzawa and his lackey made an escape to the ramp before Towzawa realized he was being bamboozled as he turned to see a referee standing behind him.

And your new 38 time 24/7 Champion… Truth has his baby back!

Liv Morgan v. Peyton Royce

It’s a battle of two spitfires as Morgan attempts to score a victory over Peyton Royce. It wasn’t long before Royce and Kay attempted some trickery and despite Ruby Riott’s best intentions, Morgan fell victim to the tandem play and the doubts she harbors of Riott’s loyalty as Royce scores a quick win.

Enough said…

As Riddick Moss pulled out an Underground victory, we get ready for one of the feature matches of the evening… it’s Asuka v. Bayley, NOW!

Asuka v. Bayley: If Asuka wins, she gets Sasha and a Title Shot at Summerslam

It’s the Empress of Tomorrow as this match gets underway and pouring it on heavy is an understatement. As Asuka continued to pour on the offense, the ever instinctive Bayley soon found an opening and pounced; grounding the challenger and continuing to show why she has been one of the best in WWE in 2020. But the tenacity and rage in Asuka would keep her fueled as she soldiered on and found an opening of her own and as we cut to commercial with both women on level ground. We return from break in a mad dash as Asuka went for the high roundhouse kick but was met with a counter kneebar by Bayley. With Bayley on the hunt for Asuka’s knee, it was desperation time for Asuka as we witnessed a beautiful display of counter submission wrestling.

Bayley continued to pour it on as she used every move in her arsenal.

But it was The Empress of Tomorrow securing the victory and paving her way to Summerslam as she forced the WWE’s resident Karen to tap to the Asuka Lock

Just so y’all know… this guy is scary good. Excited to see if his ability translates to WWE.

And of course, Baszler being Baszler is always entertaining.

Randy Orton v. Kevin Owens

In a battle of two personal favorites, it’s a low and slow start as Owens gains some steam but Orton rolls out of the ring for the breather, More cagey tactics by Orton as a thumb to the eye allows The Viper to get some stiff offense in before climbing back into the ring to beat the ref’s 10 count. But KO wasn’t finished as he reminded Orton and Flair that the Prizefighter is still very motivated and hungry.

It was much of the same as we returned from break and KO was continuing his beat down of Orton. But too much showboating to The Nature Boy would prove to be Owens’ downfall as The Apex Predator found his opening and began his assault on KO. Owens clawed his way back and nearly pulled off his Pop Up Powerbomb but Orton once again rolled out of the ring and set Owens up for this thunderous slam on the commentary table.

It was only a matter of time before Owen’s impressive showing fell short and Orton hit the RKO for the pin. With Flair holding his hand in victory, Orton requested his mentor stay put as the duo needed to talk through some things.

As we return from break, it’s Orton with a mic-missile and he had it pointed straight at his previous mentor as he dropped truth bombs left and right but an emotional appeal from The Nature Boy seemed to calm the waters before Orton sent Flair down the river.

and then to rest… technical difficulties and all.

And in the end, it is the WWE champion declaring his plans for The Legend Killer at Summerslam.

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