Flash Morgan Webster kicked off the latest episode of NXT UK in a head-to-head collision against Gallus’ Wolfgang, their first one-on-one encounter on NXT UK.

Despite The Modfather displaying a highly aggressive and always innovative offense throughout, The Last King of Scotland brought his efforts to a stretching halt. In the final moments, Wolfgang caught his high-flying opponent as Webster swung around the ring post and rammed him twice, spine first into the unforgiving steel. He then followed up with an earth-shattering powerbomb onto the ring apron. From there, Wolfgang’s victory was inevitable, as he reentered the ring and sent Webster crashing to the canvas with the Caber Toss for the three-count.

The ruthless Wolfgang continued his assault after the bell, making the symbolic statement that all opposition to Gallus for the evening was in for a world of hurt.
Article source: WWE.com

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