Will The Brian Kendrick’s experience give him the edge against Tyler Bate?

Tyler Bate is nothing short of a sports-entertainment prodigy, but what will happen when NXT UK’s wunderkind finds himself in the ring with steely veteran The Brian Kendrick?

It’s a fair question considering the immense experience gap that exists between the two. For example, by the time Kendrick began training for the ring under WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels in 1999, Bate was celebrating his second birthday. And as he’s repeatedly shown since returning to WWE in 2016, Kendrick is a crafty competitor; there are few tricks of the game that he hasn’t employed en route to becoming one of WWE’s premier Cruiserweights.

None of that means that Bate should be counted out, of course. Textbook Tyler has demonstrated a preternatural grappling ability since day one. Combining cutting-edge moves with an exquisite and traditional English technique, Bate is poised beyond his years. Regardless of who wins, this human game of chess will be fascinating to watch play out.
Article source: WWE.com

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