Who Runs the Streets?

September 3, 2018

Who Runs the Streets? It is a questioned that has puzzled us since IMPACT went off the air last Thursday night. Someone called King and Konnan and they both said “I will be there.” Where is “there” and when will this take place? Also, what is it?

What is happening and who is calling the shots? We have asked around and Santana and Ortiz have both told us that they are awaiting further instructions from Konnan. King has not responded to our texts or calls and we have no idea how to contact Homicide or Hernandez.

So that leaves King and Konnan and all the questions about who called them. Who would hold power of King and Konnan? Who would rank above them in the Streets? Keep in mind that Konnan brought everyone together, it was Konnan who brought LAX into this world and the same for the OGz. Konnan is the start of this all, unless on the Streets, there is someone or more than just one person who can tell Konnan what to do.

The OGz went way too far when they tried to run down LAX in a vehicular incident. Something has to be be done to stop this senseless violence, because an innocent Richie was hit by the car. While Richie will recover, this has gone to far and needs to stop.

Hopefully who ever made the call to Konnan and King can make this situation far less violent than what has been happening over the past several weeks on IMPACT. Careers are at stake, money is at stake, but above all lives are at stake. Again, something needs to be done. Will it? Find out on Thursday night.

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