It wasn’t hard to see where things were going when Raw’s main event — a tag team bout pitting Universal Champion Seth Rollins & WWE Champion Kofi Kingston against Bobby Lashley & Baron Corbin — was reconfigured on the spot into a No Disqualification Match. For all the chaos that unfolded in the wild free-for-all (there were barely any tags, and Rollins wrestled most of the match in his T-shirt after being jumped from behind during his entrance), the question wasn’t so much if Brock Lesnar would show up, but when.

He waited, smartly, until after Kingston pinned Corbin with a Trouble in Paradise and Lashley had dispatched both champions with post-match spears. The Beast’s music hit the second Rollins drove The All Mighty out of the ring, but Lesnar’s show of circling the ring and eyeing both titleholders turned out to have a cliffhanger ending: The Conqueror backed away at the last minute, with Paul Heyman (accurately) assuring his client that they were in the driver’s seat. The Advocate also suggested a course of action, picked up by the camera mics: That Lesnar return next week and announce which champion he was going to cash in on. Raw began with everyone wondering what happens next. We still don’t know what Lesnar’s course of action is. But at least we know when we’ll find out.

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