Triple H and Stephanie McMahon demanded Becky Lynch apologize for attacking them

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — So, Becky Lynch has seen the doctor, she’s got the green light, and her WrestleMania match is good to go. If.

You see, attacking half of the McMahon collective across Raw and SmackDown LIVE last week did not quite endear The Man to management as much as it did to the WWE Universe, which is why Triple H and Stephanie McMahon added a crucial caveat to Becky’s on-ramp back onto The Road to WrestleMania: She had to apologize.

There was plenty of incentive for The Man to accept the offer. Becky’s own doctors and WWE’s officials concurred that her tweaked knee would be good to go with a little bit of rehab, and The King of Kings magnanimously apologized for his own insults toward The Irish Lass Kicker this past Tuesday. But despite the promise of a clean slate, Lynch wasn’t thrilled on being told to apologize at all, given that she had done what was asked and gotten herself cleared. So, after a heated confrontation where Becky and Stephanie nearly came to blows, The Game switched his tactics and opted not to tell her anything. Instead, he gave her a choice: By the end of the night, Becky could either apologize and take the match she scratched and clawed to get … or not, and lose it all.
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