Top 3 MMA fighters from Australia

December 2, 2019

MMA is one of the most engaging sports to watch. This is a sport, where it doesn’t matter where you’re from you, get a chance to prove yourself. Being heavily based on the personalities of these fighters they often have the most loyal fans and the viewers actually, are interested in knowing the background of these fighters. But that comes after these fighters manage to get there if they do the personal branding right and interact with the fans regularly. While it might not matter where someone is from if you’re rooting for them it’s still good to know who are some of the most famous and loved fighters from different countries. MMA is definitely a sport that’s hard to attach to one specific country but we’ve seen a lot of talented fighters from Australian recently who always put on a good show. Based on an article Top 5 Australian MMA fighters, where you can find detailed information about the best Aussie fighters and their successes, here we’ve combined a short rating. If you’ve ever wondered about what their background is and how they’ve gained the success they have now then keep reading.

Megan Anderson

We’re starting off our list with the most famous Aussie female fighter, Megan Anderson. She is well-loved amongst her Aussie fans and remains the best female MMA fighter Australia has ever had. Not only is she great at what she does but she represents much more for her female fans. In Australia, Megan is often seen as the symbol of freedom and equal opportunities in the country that has proved herself multiple times with her skills and determination. She is also a favorite among gamblers because most of the MMA fans know that she is a safe bet. She always has high odds, no matter who is she fighting against. That is very telling of how good of a fighter she actually is. One of the things that give her such an advantage, apart from her skills is her height. Megan stands at 1.83, which is higher than almost all of the female MMA fighters in the industry right now. Despite her height, she fights in the featherweight division so it’s easy to see why she wins so much and so consistently. She has definitely earned her spot on this list through her achievements and dedication.

Robert Whittaker

The next fighter on our list has already achieved the title of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Whittaker claimed his title as a champion during the UFC:213 IN 2017 and has been a fan favorite ever since. His title of interim middleweight champion was upgraded because Georgi St-Pierre forfeited his title and Whittaker, who is also known as “Bobby Knuckles” got the title of Undisputed champion after that. Whittaker has been practicing self-defense discipline ever since he can remember. When speaking with the media he said that he remembers that his dad would train him in their backyard ever since he was 7. Robert was introduced to Goju-Ryu Karate by his father and that where he developed his love for combat sports. Whittaker transitioned to MMA in his late teens, around 2009 and hasn’t left the industry since. Soon after getting into MMA he managed to win the UFC: The Smashes Series in the welterweight division making the name for himself from the start. He has had a very successful career so far but amongst his achievement, Whittaker is also known to be very humble and easy-going, that’s part of the reason why people love him so much. It’s rare to find a successful MMA fighter that also has a winning personality.

Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski was born in New South Wales under Macedonian and Greek parentage, which is why he got this nickname. The MMA fighter currently fights under the Australian flag and is loved by his Aussie fans. He has established himself as a pro fighter by winning multiple fights, but most importantly he is currently ranked #1 in official Ultimate Fighting Championship’s featherweight division. Volkanovski has previously won Australian Fighter’s Championship in the featherweight division. His love for MAA also goes way back, when he won the Australian title at the age of 12. Volkanovski then managed to win the Australian Fighting Championship in featherweight titles two times, along with Pacific Xtreme Combat. He will fight to defend his title of the #1 Ultimate Fighting Champion on December 14th, against Max Holloway. Considering the list of his achievements it’s quite likely that the Aussie favorite will manage to keep his title and will provide a fantastic show for his viewers.


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