Through the Lens: No Surrender

December 9, 2019

What a night it was this past Saturday at No Surrender on IMPACT+. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best shots from ringside.

Scott D’amore Offers Larry D an IMPACT Wrestling Contract

After a hard-fought battle with Michael Elgin, Larry D had no idea that was about to have a career-making moment. To the shock of many, including Elgin himself, Larry took Elgin to his absolute limit at No Surrender. Larry proved to Scott D’amore that he has what it takes to stand toe-to-toe with the top talent in IMPACT Wrestling. Scott was so impressed with his performance that he even offered Larry an IMPACT Wrestling contract in the middle of the ring. As you can see from the photo, this will be a night that Larry D will never forget.

Earth-Shattering Hoss Fight Scramble

Where can you see this many athletic giants competing in the ring at the same time? Only in a Hoss Fight Scramble. At No Surrender, Acey Romero, Brian Cage, Madman Fulton, Willie Mack and Crash Jaxon competed in this unique contest. Taking a look at the photo, Fulton had just sent Cage and Jaxon for a ride. In a few moments, a loud thud would be heard throughout the arena as a huge amount of weight came crashing to the mat. Romero was able to hold on but Fulton hadn’t forgotten about him…

The Rascalz Defy Gravity

The Rascalz have absolutely no limits. In this shot, we see Wentz completely upside down as Dez sends him soaring through the air. In a heartbeat, Wentz will come crashing down onto the chest of Mahabali Shera. This breathtaking moment took place in a three-way tag team match featuring three of IMPACT Wrestling’s top tag teams in the Rascalz, the Desi Hit Squad and oVe. Would Shera be able to regain momentum or was this the final blow?

Eddie Edwards Impales Ace Austin

Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin renewed their personal rivalry when they met in a Tables Match last Saturday at No Surrender. Ace’s X-Division Title wasn’t on the line but it didn’t matter to Eddie. After months of Ace trying to sleep with Alisha, this match was all about sweet, sweet revenge. Eddie is always coming up with innovative ways to use weapons and that’s exactly what we see here. Instead of sending Ace crashing through the table, Eddie wanted to punish him. In a gruesome moment, Eddie impaled Ace back-first onto the legs of the table.

Callihan Spikes Swann with World Title On the Line

In the No Surrender main event, Sami Callihan put his IMPACT World Championship on the line against Rich Swann. The majority of the crowd was actually cheering in favor of Callihan which is something we’re not used to hearing. As Josh Mathews and Scott D’amore noted on commentary, they were in Bizzaroland because No Surrender was taking place in oVe’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Swann posed a very real threat to Callihan’s title reign, prompting Callihan to dish out some devastating offense as seen here.

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