The Undertaker attacked Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon

Every time Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre have gotten the best of Roman Reigns, they did it because the odds weren’t even. Raw seemed like it was going to be more of the same when they reconfigured the planned Handicap Match into an anything-goes free-for-all where no tags were needed. The Big Dog had been subjected to a Spear from Shane and a Claymore from McIntyre, but Shane’s attempt at a final Coast-to-Coast was thwarted when the gong echoed throughout the arena, the lights dimmed and The Undertaker appeared in the ring, coming to the unlikely aid of the man who once defeated him at WrestleMania and put him out of action for a year. The Phenom singlehandedly dispatched a petrified McIntyre and Shane, sparing The Big Dog from further humiliation before making his exit. Of course, the specifics of Undertaker’s arrival and motivations have yet to be revealed, but if the enemy of your enemy is your friend, Roman Reigns may have just made one of the best friends he’s ever had.
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