The Undertaker’s return to Madison Square Garden was as chilling as it was destructive. Chilling for the WWE Universe who got to experience The Phenom’s jaw dropping entrance. Destructive for one Sami Zayn.

The Reaper arrived on the blue brand making it clear that he’s always considered MSG his home and then reflected on all the great legends and Superstars that have come through the halls of The World’s Most Famous Arena. However, before he could continue, The Deadman was interrupted by Sami Zayn, who insisted Undertaker was a legend who has sold out Madison Square Garden for 30 years. The Critic of Critics claimed to have nothing but respect for the legend, but he nevertheless openly questioned if The Undertaker should continue returning to MSG.

Zayn stated that the future was here, and his name was Sami Zayn. Undertaker didn’t say anything when Zayn asked him to leave the ring, but he spoke swiftly with action when he Chokeslammed Sami, taking yet another soul in the hallowed halls of the Garden. 
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