The Ultimate Opportunity for Unknown Dustin Cameron

July 31, 2018

Sometimes it just pays to be in the right place at the right time. For Dustin Cameron he was in the right place on Thursday of last week when he was standing by as his Coach and Mentor Anthony Carelli was being interviewed on IMPACT. They were interrupted by World Champion Austin Aries, who had just received a kendo stick shot from an irate Eddie Edwards. Aries wasn’t in a great mood.

When Aries encountered Carelli, the World Champion issued a challenge and anyone who knows Anthony Carelli knows he is not cleared for action due to lingering injuries. So when Carelli said he couldn’t compete, it was a student of Carelli’s who became the target, Dustin Cameron. Cameron jumped at the chance to face Austin Aries for the World Title! Perhaps the chance to become World Champion clouded Cameron’s judgement.

Dustin Cameron is just getting his career started, he is training to be a wrestler at Battle Arts Academy in Toronto. Battle Arts is owned and operated by Anthony Carelli. Now Cameron has a match on Thursday for the World Title!

Who is Dustin Cameron? We reached out to Anthony Carelli who had this to say to us earlier this week.

Dustin is a great competitor, but he is just getting started in his career! I will support his decision to compete and his desire to face the World Champion. I certainly am known for creating moments in wrestling and pulling off miracle victories. I will be in the corner of Dustin on Thursday night, I support my student. I will also be ready to end things if they start to get ugly.

So What will happen on Thursday night? The World Championship is on the line, but how seriously is Austin Aries taking this match? It might take another miracle to see the title removed from the waist of Austin Aries this Thursday.

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