On the most recent episode of MLW Fusion, Sami Callihan lost a “loser leaves MLW” match against Mance Warner. In storyline the two friends were to do battle because their nemesis Salina De La Renta was in charge of the show and made the match.

During Sami’s entrance, he drank some water and spit on Jim Cornette, who was commentating the event. Sami sent out a tweet the night it happened saying he did it in response to Cornette’s comments about Sonny Kiss On The Jim Cornette Experience Podcast.

Here is the incident Sami was talking about.

One source we spoke to said more on the beef between Cornette and Callihan and how MLW has handled it.

So, it is out there that Sami callihan and Daga are out of MLW. So, in Sami case, the leaked rumor so far is that Sami damaged the venue in his match with Mance and that MLW was so mad they fired him. In reality, Jim Cornette had spoken to Sami about saying all the horrible things he said about Sami and his family was just hype for his podcast, and that maybe the two of them could work together to make money. Sami declined. When Cornette made his comment about Sonny Kiss, that’s when Sami made the decision to spit water on Cornette on his way out to the ring. Cornette had a hissy fit that he was spit on. So, MLW has decided to stop using Sami for a while to let things cool down for the foreseeable future, especially while Cornette is still there, Sami is gone.

This isn’t the first time a talent has had a problem with MLW and their talent relations. MVP has cryptically said in the past that his leaving the company was due to the head of talent relations MSL. Hector Garza Jr. was not asked to come back after he went to a WWE tryout instead of an MLW taping. Daga is no longer with the company because he had said he was going on vacation when really he was just working for AAA. Jim Cornette has stated that Joey Ryan will not work for MLW as long as Jim is working there.

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