This week on After the Bell, host Corey Graves will sit down with some of his buzziest guests yet when he interviews The New Day and Sheamus.

The first interview will be a friendly chat with the competition, as Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods will be two days out from the debut of their own podcast, The New Day: Feel the Power, when they call in to talk with Graves. As for Sheamus, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion stunned the WWE Universe by announcing his return on this past week’s SmackDown following months of speculation.

<a href="" data-nid="40070008" data-tracking-label="Kevin Owens on how he got to use the Stunner: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 27, 2019" class="wwe-display-duration js-video-inline–btn js-track js-video–btn node-type-video video-play-large" data-duration="05:07" data-video="{"sponsors":"","numSponsors":false,"title":"Related Videos","playlist":[{"image":"\/f\/styles\/wwe_16_9_s\/public\/2019\/12\/20191127_ATB_Thumb_KevinOwens–57e27e7bb7adedabd408535a88f3b9a9.jpg","image_uri":"public:\/\/\/2019\/12\/20191127_ATB_Thumb_KevinOwens–57e27e7bb7adedabd408535a88f3b9a9.jpg","file":"\/\/\/vod\/2019\/,1080,720,540,432,360,288,\/atb_ko_stunner_fin.m3u8","fid":"40404210","title":"Kevin Owens on how he got to use the Stunner: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 27, 2019","nid":40070008,"vms_id":184552,"description":"How does one get to use the Stunner? One goes to \u201cStone Cold\u201d Steve Austin for permission.","wwe_network":false,"link_url":"\/wwenetwork","ads_disabled":0,"numSponsors":false,"path":"\/videos\/kevin-owens-on-how-he-got-to-use-the-stunner-wwe-after-the-bell-nov-27-2019","abs_path":"https:\/\/\/videos\/kevin-owens-on-how-he-got-to-use-the-stunner-wwe-after-the-bell-nov-27-2019","network_logged_in_cta":"","show_name":"","episode_name":"","countries":[],"country_logic":"","mediaid":"25ITBfNI","tracks":[{"label":"English","file":"https:\/\/\/hd_video1\/wwe\/2019\/atb_ko_stunner_fin\/atb_ko_stunner_fin_cc_en.vtt","kind":"captions"}],"playlist_offset":0,"playlist_nid":0,"backfilled":false,"parent_playlist_nid":0,"playlist_title":"Related Videos","playlist_short_headline":"Related Videos","video_offset":0,"picture":"\n<!–[if IE 9]>

Will Graves address Sheamus’ long absence and the retirement rumors that swirled around him for most of 2019? Will he ask The New Day to describe exactly how Mr. McMahon danced to their theme song or discuss how SmackDown Tag Team Champions Kofi & E are carrying on without the injured Woods by their side? Only one way to find out. A new After the Bell drops this Wednesday morning, wherever you get your podcasts.
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