You have been hearing about it for the past several days and this coming Friday night, The Mash-Up Tournament is set to take place. What is The Mash-Up Tournament? It is basically turning IMPACT Wrestling upside down and flipping everything around! It is taking our Stars and making them as uncomfortable as possible. It is enemies forced to team together!

Why would Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard ever be on the same page? Well, the winning team at Mash-Up will face each other LIVE on IMPACT+ on Friday, August 3rd at Unbreakable in a Number 1 Contenders Match for the World Championship. Work together for one night and be one step closer to the ultimate prize in IMPACT Wrestling, the World Title.

Would you work with someone you hate for a chance at glory? Would you put your trust in your arch rival for one night only? That is what IMPACT Wrestling is asking our Stars to do on this unpredictable night of action.

The other thing that might happen is what if a team like Willie Mack and Michael Elgin find chemistry? What if they find out that they can coexist and thrive? There is no question that The Mash-Up Tournament has the potential to change IMPACT Wrestling for a long time to come.

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