Taz Responds To JR’s Remarks About What Ended His WWE Push

January 16, 2021

On a recent edition of the Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross talked about the reason Vince McMahon ended Taz’s push while working in the WWE. Taz had been accused of being reckless in the ring, and it wound up being told to him enough that things came to an end. Now Taz has taken to social media to address JR’s comments.

Taz responded to this on Twitter, calling out his AEW colleague, saying that it wasn’t the truth at all. More interestingly, Taz questioned if the people who had made the complaints were not “some superstars” but rather “a couple of his buddies” over the remarks.

Taz even admitted he’s addressed the accusations of being “dangerous” on his podcast several times. He also tagged Ross in the tweet and asked if he could name one person who had actually been injured by him in the ring, noting that he had actually not injured a single WWE Superstar during his run with the company.

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