Tama Tonga Elaborates On His Feelings Over The Bullet Club “Reunion” In AEW And IMPACT

January 13, 2021

Tama Tonga has never really been quiet about his feelings involving The Young Bucks and The Elite making use of the Bullet Club in reunions and teasing. Tonga has always hinted he’s never been a fan of it, especially as it seems to be a slap in the face to the guys currently in the Bullet Club.

Now Tonga has gone deeper into his feelings about it on his podcast, Tama’s Island. Tonga, who had to watch the closing moments of last week’s AEW Dynamite referred to as a “Bullet Club reunion,” wasn’t only upset that it was Kenny Omega who used it, but that Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows went along with it.

“What got me triggered was when I saw Kenny Omega go, ‘Bullet Club.’ Oh, you son of a bitch, you. The one guy who tried to dismantle us from the inside, split us into two, the guy who tried to ruin Bullet Club is now using Bullet Club in an angle. A reunion? How can there be a reunion when Bullet Club is still here? They should have called it something else. All of ya’ll have gone and tried to do different things in another company. No matter what, you’re not Bullet Club. That’s a slap in the face to us. If you’re the OGs, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, and you’re promoting this as Bullet Club….damn dude. Ya’ll do your thing and do whatever the hell you want, but do not call it Bullet Club because you are not Bullet Club. Are you going to come to Japan and that’s a reunion for us too? Nah. I’m pissed off. They sold out for a quick buck. Once a sell out, always a sell out. For people saying, ‘Oh, The Elite is spreading the Bullet Club name.’ No. The Elite is spreading The Elite name. That’s how it was and always will be.”

Tama said he’s got no reason to go to Impact or AEW as well, but you can be sure that he feels angry at people he once found himself incredibly close with.

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