Shayna Baszler, the dominant NXT Women’s Champion who’s turned back challenger after challenger with ruthless aggression, may have finally met her match in Rhea Ripley.

The non-title clash between #ShaynaTwoTime and the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion played out unlike any other Baszler match in recent memory: Thanks to Ripley’s incredible strength and refusal to be intimidated, The Queen of Spades’ mind games and potent offense were rendered all but useless against The Mosh Pit Kid. Baszler still found ways to punish Ripley, although those efforts — like a Kirifuda Clutch executed on the turnbuckles — mostly ran afoul of the rules and tested the referee’s discretion.

Shortly after Ripley regained control by dropping Baszler face-first onto the steel steps, the cavalry arrived in the form of Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir. Duke slipped a steel chair to Baszler, but Ripley blocked the champion’s blow, took the equalizer from Baszler’s hands and slammed it across her back.

The vicious strike resulted in Ripley’s disqualification and cost the Aussie her a chance at being added to next week’s top-contender match. Yet, as the Horsewomen scrambled to safety and Ripley stood her ground inside the ring, with NXT fans chanting her name, there was little doubt as to who scored the moral victory in this high-octane encounter.
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