Universal Champion Seth Rollins (representing Raw) and Roman Reigns (representing SmackDown) collided to kick off Friday Night SmackDown with the winner earning the first overall pick in the WWE Draft for the brand he was representing.

Being so familiar with each other’s arsenals, the two felt each other out in the early goings until tempers began to flare, at which point the two Superstars just flat out started throwing haymakers. In the critical moments, The Architect seemingly had The Big Dog bested when he unbelievably countered Reigns’ Spear into a Pedigree, but Roman persevered and kicked out. However, the match was suddenly cut short when “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt appeared, surging up from underneath the ring and quite literally dragging the Universal Champion to hell. Seth somehow survived the bombarding and crawled back into the ring as Wyatt stared daggers into him, seemingly suggesting that nothing Rollins threw at him at WWE Hell in a Cell would put a stop to his destruction.

Amidst all this chaos though, Raw would now receive the first pick in the Draft due to Rollins having won the match against Reigns, albeit by disqualification. Raw used the first pick to select Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, and SmackDown chose Roman Reigns with its first overall pick. Raw then selected The O.C., the blue brand chose “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, and the red brand concluded the first round by taking Drew McIntyre.
Article source: WWE.com

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