Sasha Banks is back with electric blue hair and a vengeance to go with it, making her first appearance since WrestleMania with a brutal statement against two of Raw’s toughest Superstars. The first to feel The Boss’ wrath was Natalya, sporting an apparent dislocated elbow after her SummerSlam loss and square in the middle of paying tribute to her late father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, on the one-year anniversary of his passing. The Boss initially embraced Natalya in friendship before dropping her and going to work on her arm, an attack that was only stopped by the appearance of Becky Lynch.

The arrival of the Raw Women’s Champion was certainly to the benefit of Natalya, who put some much-needed distance between herself and Banks. But Becky fared no better than her former opponent: Despite being driven by a desire to come after everyone who had done her wrong, The Man found herself subjected to several vicious steel chair strikes and slapped her across the face before a crew of officials intervened. The final image of Sasha’s return to Raw was The Boss exiting the arena with a satisfied strut up the ramp, a smile across her face and two enemies to her name. Just the way she likes it.
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