Sasha Banks is Back With A Vengeance

August 19, 2019

Sasha Banks has returned to WWE television for the first time since Wrestlemania last week and she returned with a vengence. “The Boss” is back with a new attitude, and a new hair color and I loved it. This is the Sasha Banks that I wanted to see on the main roster ever since she got called up to the main roster four years ago at the start of the “Women’s Revolution”. With Sasha back to the main roster storylines, there is a lot of hype to see what would happen going forward into the fall season. 

Before Sasha returned, she has been heavily featured on television even was in the triple threat match at Wrestlemania 32 (with Becky Lynch and Charlotte) to crown the first ever Raw Women’s Champion. It was an amount of time before she started to main event Raw and pay-per-views. Her and Charlotte became the first women to headline a WWE PPV which was Hell in a Cell 2016. These two were also the first women to have a Hell in a Cell match and I remembered that match being very good. After her feud with Charlotte, many questioned when she will feud with Bayley and that happened in early 2018, but they eventually became the Boss n’ Hug Connection. The team would become the first Women’s Tag Team Champions and this happened after Sasha’s match with Ronda Rousey at Royal Rumble 2019. At Wrestlemania, the team would lose the championships to The IIconics and that would be the last time we would see Sasha Banks for a while. 

Sasha as a heel now could really showcase her potential as a total badass that we all knew on NXT. She is doing this on the grand scale of the main roster and I am looking forward to see how her feud with Becky Lynch will turn out! If this feud ends at the Hell in a Cell in October, I will be satisfied! Who knows, maybe her and Ronda could have a rematch soon depending on the direction they take with Sasha Banks. Lets hope that WWE does not screw this up or else, I will be very disappointed. 

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