Ruby Riott def. Nikki Cross

Surviving Ronda Rousey on two weeks’ notice is a near-impossibility for any Superstar, but now we know that Ruby Riott can, at the very least, handle an unfamiliar situation. The ringleader of The Riott Squad got a win over Nikki Cross, who mangled and mauled Ruby across the ring like some ill-fated plaything. That Ruby earned the win despite all this was due in large to excellent timing: After Cross trapped Riott in the ring apron and pummeled her like a heavy bag, she ascended the top rope for a high-risk maneuver, and Ruby booted her down to earth, following up with a deciding Riott Kick to claim the win. So now we know Ruby can handle herself against a Superstar who’s at least as unpredictable as she is. Whether that’s enough to prepare her for Rousey is a matter for six days’ time.
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