Erick Rowan arrived to SmackDown LIVE at Madison Square Garden with a clear message: That we didn’t know him at all. Rowan would suggest that we look him in the eyes and realize that he is a master manipulator.

Roman Reigns instead would just want to fight him. The Big Dog would dart out to meet Rowan and the two brutes went at it all throughout The World’s Most Famous Arena. Reigns would drop Erick with multiple Superman Punches, but Rowan would respond by grabbing a fan from the stands and powerbombing him into Reigns and the security personnel trying to break up the two Superstars. Rowan would then level everyone in sight, but The Big Dog would not stop in trying to get a measure of retaliation on Rowan. However, Erick would take it to another level by literally grabbing a roaming camera and flinging it right into Reigns.

As Rowan departed and Reigns rose to his feet, one question arose: What the heck would go down between these two when they collide this Sunday at WWE Clash of Champions?
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