Roderick Strong settled Undisputed ERA’s “problem”

A fumble, meltdown and, now, a missing flip-flop. Last week saw tension reach a new boiling point among the Undisputed ERA – specifically between Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. After Cole’s fiery outburst against Strong furthered the rumors of dissension among the crew, things took a surprising turn when Strong came face-to-face with Cole, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish during an interview with Cathy Kelley.

While Cole, standing alongside O’Reilly & Fish, discussed the fallout from last week’s much talked about meltdown, Strong shocked the team with a peace offering. After acknowledging that the group is much “stronger” together than apart, Strong offered Cole what appeared to be a blood-stained flip-flop belonging to Matt Riddle, along with the eerie words: “That Matt Riddle problem you have? It’s taken care of.” Overjoyed by Strong’s initiative, Cole gladly gifted his pal the Undisputed ERA armband off his own arm, thus putting an end to the speculation and proving their bond is now tighter than ever.
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