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No, it didn’t just get more formal around here: Having lost his tag team partner to SmackDown LIVE in the Superstar Shake-up — or, if you ask him, having dropped 150 pounds of dead weight — the man formerly known as Bobby Roode has undergone a self-imposed reboot, which is why he’s now demanding to be referred to as Robert Roode and sporting a rather ravishing mustache.

Lest you think the reinvention was confined to surface trappings, however, there’s a certain intangible something that has changed about The Glorious One; Robert Roode was rougher, tougher and more underhanded against Ricochet than Bobby Roode ever was, down to the way he claimed the win against the former NXT North American Champion. Right as Ricochet began to deploy his various, video-game caliber aerial attacks, Roode evaded the 630, ruthlessly chucked Ricochet head-first into the middle turnbuckle and administered the Glorious DDT for the win. Robert Roode will certainly have more to say as time goes on, but the last word on his re-debut might actually belong to Corey Graves: Maybe Roode didn’t change who he was so much as remember it.
Article source: WWE.com

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