People have been asking if Rey Mysterio is back. We’re thinking he is. After an emotional almost-retirement that he got talked out of at the last second by his son, the legendary Superstar made his official in-ring return against Gran Metalik in a victorious effort on Raw.

If Mysterio’s victory seemed somewhat inevitable — there was simply too much emotion at play for him to accept defeat — Metalik certainly made him work for it. As fun-loving as The King of the Ropes has been with The Lucha House Party of late, he’s one of the most accomplished luchadores of all time and was a runner-up in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic. It was that version of Metalik that Mysterio got on Raw, and it was that version he had to outsmart and out-grind.

Perhaps the task was taller than Mysterio expected: The King of the Ropes casually swatted away Mysterio’s signature maneuvers at the start of the match (accompanied by a taunting finger-wag, no less) and a step-up plancha over the ropes left The Ultimate Underdog looking worse for wear. But Rey found a way as he always does, finally landing Metalik on the ropes before connecting with a 619-Frog Splash combo to secure the win. After the match, Mysterio showed sportsmanship to his opponent, shaking Metalik’s hand in thanks for bringing out the best in him, and, perhaps, for setting the bar for all his opponents for follow.
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