Rev Pro Wrestling Announce Epic Encounters 8

January 15, 2021

Rev Pro Wrestling announced Epic Encounters 8 on twitter earlier today, as per the last few Epic Encounter shows, the event will be free to stream on Rev Pro’s Facebook, YouTube and twitter pages on Sunday the 7th of February at 7pm GMT.

Along with the announcement Rev Pro also announced the match card;

The first match announced was Kid Lykos II Vs Conner Mills, this match up comes out of Epic Encounters 6, where Kid Lykos and Kid Lykos II assaulted both Connor Mills and Micheal Oku.

The next match announced was a tag team match featuring JJ Gale and Callum Newman as they go up against Gidieon Grey and the newest member of his Legion, Chris Ridgeway. This follows Epic Encounters 7’s post match assault by Chris Ridgeway on JJ Gale and Callum Newman following Gale’s win over Grey.

In a Southside Tournament match Ricky Knight Jr (RKJ) faces off with Rob Lias both currently in the B Bracket, so who ever looses this match is eliminated from the tournament.

Another Southside Tournament match was announced between Screwface Ahmed and Joel Redman much like the other tournament match as a B bracket match, who ever looses this match will be eliminated.

A Women’s match was announced as the South Side Women’s champion Kanji takes on Bobbi Tyler, Kanji made her debut at Epic Encounter 7 whilst Tyler delivered an in ring promo, the arrival of Kanji was enough to run Tyler off to the back.

Finally the main event is a rematch from Epic Encounters 1, as Rev Pro Women’s champion Gisele Shaw goes one on one with Jamie Hatyer, Shaw was able to retain her title last time they met, will history repeat it self?

This looks set to be yet another incredible Epic Encounters event, you can watch the first 7 events of the Epic Encounter series on Rev Pro on demand service that is currently offering a two week free trial.

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