Retraction: Ring Of Honor Merchandiser Burner Account

November 27, 2019
Earlier this week I wrote a story on Joey Mercury alleging two people that work for Ring Of Honor cresting burner Twitter accounts.

As it turns out Joey has since stated that one of the accounts does not belong to the ROH merchandise worker.

Todd had replied to a tweet from Joey clarifying that he is not behind the burner account.

I have done news in the past that required actual investigative journalism. For this ROH story, I dropped the ball. Instead of verifying that those in question indeed created burner accounts, I copied and pasted Joey’s tweets and left it as that.

Earlier today I was called out by Todd. Which I am now thankful for.

As you can see, Todd was rightfully unhappy with what was written. I had not had the opportunity to write a retraction until this moment. For that I also apologize.

I will try and do better in the future to reach out to people that are involved in stories that are being written. I apologize to Todd for posting an article without asking if it was him.

-Jake Drury

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