It is a match with so much history. A match that is so much more than just a match. It is Sami Callihan versus a man he calls “little brother” and someone Sami has said that he loves. Sami has also attacked Rich Swann every chance he gets. Sami looks to embarrass Rich on Pay Per View at Rebellion on Sunday and take his X-Division Championship.

What will the fallout of this match look like? Is there a future for Rich and Sami? Will they ever get past this current issue? Time will tell, but right now they will clash at Rebellion and Sami Callihan wants to embarrass Rich the way Sami felt embarrassed when Rich said no to joining Sami and oVe. Now the X-Division Title hangs in the balance in a match that means more than a title, it means family and it means deeper lines between the two men.

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