The dream ended for Becky Lynch at WWE Money in the Bank when she went from Two Belts to one, though that isn’t to say the reigning Raw Women’s Champion has let defeat slow her down in the slightest. Not only did she turn a sprawling confab on “A Moment of Bliss” into a Six-Woman Tag Team Match pitting herself and the unlikely combo of Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross against The IIconics and Lacey Evans, The Man scored the deciding pinfall. If there’s any disappointment for Becky, it’s that Evans, whose interference last night cost her the SmackDown Women’s Title, wasn’t the one she pinned.

The Lady of WWE refused to square up with The Man and instead focused all her energy on Nikki Cross, who was a little extra motivated after Alexa passive-aggressively berated her for losing the Women’s Money in the Bank Match. (As for Alexa, she followed Becky’s pre-match instructions and didn’t get involved, sipping her coffee at ringside for the whole bout.) Evans eventually bailed on the match when things started to get sticky, and with Cross spent from fighting a three-on-one strategy, The Man handily shouldered the load and finished the fight singlehandedly with a second-rope leg drop to Billie Kay. It was as much a statement from Lynch to Evans — one title or two, she’s still The Man — as it was a lesson to The IIconics, who thought they were lording over Becky by mocking her loss, and instead became the latest to make the grave mistake of underestimating her.

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