You win some, you lose some has never been more true than the planned match between Mojo Rawley and Heath Slater, which quickly turned into a roller-coaster ride for The One-Man Band when R-Truth led his pursuers back to the ring, leading to five 24/7 Championship changes within the span of a few minutes … including one for Slater himself.

The free-for-all began when the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion rolling up Truth to win the title before the bell could ring for his bout against Rawley, but Truth quickly won the title back …. only to suffer a Lumbar Check from Cedric Alexander to relieve him of the title. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion was then ambushed by EC3, who drove him into the ringside floor to become the new champ … at least until Carmella snatched the title out of his hands, allowing Truth to roll up EC3 and once again win back the title. Like we said, you win some, you lose some … except for R-Truth, who just wins and wins and wins again.

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