Quarantine Q&A with Effy!

May 8, 2020

Effy is a name that has generated throughout the independent wrestling scene, whether it be for his matches, or being an openly queer and over-the-top wrestler. Once you’ve witnessed his look, his style, his vibe, his wrestling and that wonderful sense of humor, he’s sure to become an instant favorite. (And let’s not forget about those fishnet stockings, perfection!) Effy has been traveling from state-to-state, winning titles, having “weird bizarre matches with strange stipulations” and so much more. If you haven’t heard of him, you definitely will.  We recently sent Effy some questions about what’s been keeping him occupied during the quarantine, main eventing such a historic event, Prime Time Pro Wrestling, and what stipulation match would he love to do in the future.

A lot has change over the last few months. How are you doing? And what has been keeping you occupied during this quarantine?

EFFY: In January I had made the choice with my Boyfriend AJ to leave my job and relocate together to Atlanta where he would be working remotely. I would also be a lot closer for travel to an airport and a little more centrally located. At that time I was on the road wrestling every weekend and the transition made sense. Now I’m in Atlanta without any shows to go to or any particular job but I have gotten started with Twitch and have been streaming a lot of weird games and videos on there. Mostly I’m just spending time trying to teach my dog to do more tricks but Cranberry is not always motivated to learn my dumb tricks and I really don’t blame her.

One of your recent and most notable matches was when you graced the Grapitol Region with your presence, and you wrestled a very memorable match with Faye Jackson at Prime Time Pro Wrestling. How was it to not only be part of an historic event, but to main event Butch vs Gore?

EFFY: To me Butch Vs Gore was supposed to be this Gay version of Starrcade to lead us into the Gay Wrestlemania of EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch. Now without the other show, Butch V Gore stands as a true vision of what is possible when LGBT+ talent are booked. The fans were rowdy, the wrestler’s were pushing themselves, the energy was insane and inclusive. Faye is such a queen and we had so much fun during that match and to get to wrestle the main event of a show with SO MANY talented LGBTQ+ wrestlers was so exciting and historic and shows me what’s possible once we’re back to live events.

Effy vs. Faye Jackson at Prime Time Pro Wrestling’s Butch Vs. Gore (2020)

Speaking of Prime Time Pro Wrestling, you became the 51st State Champion. How does PTPW and its fans differ from other promotions?

EFFY: I won their tournament which was called something like the TCIPCIPEIPO Tournament or something and they surprised me with the championship saying that by winning the tournament I had become the 51st State Champion. Primetime Pro Wrestling stands out to me. Their staff and crew are always making sure the wrestlers, helpers, staff and fans are coming into a safe environment but they also make sure to keep the over the top energy and excitement of pro-wrestling. The fans aren’t all the hardcore wrestling fans and many are attending wrestling shows for the first time. Getting to see their reaction to professional wrestling in an environment where they don’t have to be worried about being accepted for who they are creates such a magical environment for all participants.

Effy is Prime Time Pro Wrestling’s 51st State Champion (2020)

Due to unfortunate circumstances of the pandemic, many events were cancelled during Mania week, including yours ‘Effy’s Big Gay Brunch.’ This event had tons of buzz and many fans were looking forward to it. Once everything returns to normal, what’s your plan of action from the promoter standpoint?

EFFY: We’ve stood by the fact that the event is on “PAUSE” at the moment. Once things begin to clear up, it’s still my mission to continue getting EFFY’S BIG GAY BRUNCH back into the real world and getting a showcase for all of these LGBT+ talent’s from around the world. The enthusiasm of the fans was so intense that I know the moment we can set this back up, people will be ready for a big gay show of epic proportions! Honestly I announced Nick Gage for the Bi-Curious Battle Royal and the world seemed to fall apart right after that so I wonder if I knocked a hole in the space time continuum. Seeing people like Nick Gage come to me and say I think you’re doing something very cool and important and I would love to help in any way. I think sometime’s the GCW crew looks like bad boy outlaws from the outside which we all are but we also support each other tremendously and I can’t wait to return to making this event special for everyone.

You’ve been in many types of matches throughout your career, from street fights to dog collar matches. What has been your favorite type of match to perform so far? Is there a type of match you want to do, but haven’t been able to yet? And whom would you want as your opponent?

EFFY: I sort of put out a public plea in the middle of 2019 saying “please book EFFY in weird bizarre matches with strange stipulations. People really stepped up and started booking me on shows and adding really strange stories to it and I love every bit of that. The heart of wrestling is wrestling but I found that on the independent scene, when it’s just an exhibition match it’s harder for me to get invested. But let’s say there’s another man’s soul on the line? Now I’m intrigued. Now it’s must see. Now it has consequences! Looking forward I would honestly love to do a “loser get’s their NIPPLES pierced live” match but we both somehow lose and have to get our nipples pierced to each other and then we start a tag team where we finally win the belts after one of us pulls the ring out so we see that we are even stronger with space than we were pierced together which leads to another 9 month feud.

Effy vs. Isaiah Frazier at Prime Time Pro Wrestling (2020)

Outside of wrestling, who has had the greatest influence on your life?

EFFY: Off the top of my head it’s Jeff Dunham. He’s not funny to me but he still sells out arenas. Take that philosophically.

This business can be difficult at times. From lack of sleep to constant traveling. What inspires you to continue?

EFFY: I was talking to my Dad about leaving my job and he said but how do you know? How do you know this is the right choice. And I’ll get a little personal here. I thought about the weekend I had right before he asked me this. Travel delays, stuck in airports, not knowing who’s getting me to where, on someone else’s schedule to when I actually get to a bed; knowing all of these supposed negatives I still enjoyed myself and I still didn’t bite my nails from anxiety. No matter how bad it get’s on the road I didn’t get anxious enough to bite my nails. Even on the worst weekend, I was able to laugh all of it off, because I love wrestling and performing so much. I was awake for 27 hours and did the math on my phone. My match was like 11 minutes and made up .06% of my entire day. Something good enough to control your day when it only makes up .06% of your day is worth pursuing.


Effy Backstage at Prime Time Pro Wrestling just before winning the 51st State Championship (2020)

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