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Pete Dunne finally evened the score with Damian Priest — and he did it by giving The Archer of Infamy a dose of his own medicine.

The score appears to be far from settled though, and the same goes for The BruiserWeight’s issue with Killian Dain

For the last month, Priest has been more than a thorn in the side of Dunne, first attacking him in a post-match ambush, and then getting the better of him in their first singles encounter.

This time, though, Dunne scored a victory by resorting to the same tactics used by Priest in their previous battle, catching The Archer of Infamy with a low blow out of the referee’s sight after countering Priest’s attempt to do the same. From there, Dunne locked Priest in a rolling cross armbreaker to force a submission.

Another recent enemy of Dunne’s — Dain —blindsided The BruiserWeight afterward. Priest refused to sit idly by and shoved Dain aside in a bid to take another shot at Dunne, but received a headbutt and a running cannonball against the steel steps from The Beast of Belfast for his troubles.

The bad blood between three of NXT’s hardest hitters has risen to a boiling point, creating an extremely combustible situation. 
Article source: WWE.com

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