The NXT Tag Team Champions the War Raiders, Hanson and Rowe we’re recently called up from NXT to Monday Night Raw.

Unbeknownst to NXT and WWE fans, The War Raiders name was changed to The Viking Experience. Not only that, but Hanson and Rowe’s names were also changed to Ivar and Erik respectively.

What’s shocking is that The Viking Experience wasn’t the first name chosen for the team.

According to PW Insider the original name change was to be “The Berserkers”

At one point, the duo was slated to be billed as The Bezerkers but it changed as they moved closer to debuting.
PW Insider

Long time fans will remember that name as it was the character played by John Nord. Famous for using Bruiser Brody-esque phrase “Huss” and being a Viking, The Berserker left a lasting memory with young fans.

The Berserkers might have changed to The Viking Experience because John Nord was arrested last week for a DUI and WWE might not have wanted that type of press.

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