No rivalry has shaken NXT in 2019 quite like the ill will that exists between NXT Champion Adam Cole and former champion Johnny Gargano. From their epic 2-out-of-3 Falls Match at TakeOver: New York to their unforgettable rematch at TakeOver: XXV, Cole and Gargano have added an incredible new chapter to the NXT record books.

At TakeOver: Toronto, on the eve of SummerSlam, The Panama City Playboy and Johnny Wrestling will reprise their classic duels once more, but this time, it’s with a twist.

With their hostilities showing no signs of slowing down after Cole’s deeply personal verbal attacks on Gargano’s family and friends and Gargano’s fiery retribution, NXT General Manager William Regal has ruled that the two enemies will fight in an NXT Championship 2-out-of-3 Falls rubber match in Toronto. Unlike their duel in New York, however, Cole and Gargano will each get to choose a stipulation for one fall of the match. If the champion and challenger wind up locked in a stalemate after two falls, Regal will decide the stipulation for the third and final fall.

<a href="" data-nid="40063642" data-tracking-label="William Regal announces NXT Title Match for TakeOver: Toronto: Exclusive, July 17 2019" class="wwe-display-duration js-video-inline–btn js-track js-video–btn node-type-video video-play-large" data-duration="00:54" data-video="{"sponsors":"","numSponsors":false,"title":"Related Videos","playlist":[{"image":"\/f\/styles\/wwe_16_9_s\/public\/2019\/07\/20190717_NXT_–7b36f1804046d9bc2d7dd99cb9498bb2.jpg","image_uri":"public:\/\/\/2019\/07\/20190717_NXT_–7b36f1804046d9bc2d7dd99cb9498bb2.jpg","file":"\/\/\/vod\/2019\/,1080,720,540,432,360,288,\/dcexnxt516_02_ntwk.m3u8","fid":"40374983","title":"William Regal announces NXT Title Match for TakeOver: Toronto: Exclusive, July 17 2019","nid":40063642,"vms_id":177754,"description":"NXT General Manager William Regal reveals that Johnny Gargano will face NXT Champion Adam Cole at TakeOver: Toronto in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match in which each Superstar picks a stipulation for a fall.","wwe_network":false,"link_url":"http:\/\/\/flow\/network","ads_disabled":0,"numSponsors":false,"path":"\/videos\/william-regal-announces-nxt-title-match-for-takeover-toronto-wwecom-exclusive-july-17-2019","abs_path":"https:\/\/\/videos\/william-regal-announces-nxt-title-match-for-takeover-toronto-wwecom-exclusive-july-17-2019","network_logged_in_cta":"","show_name":"WWE NXT","episode_name":"","countries":[],"country_logic":"","mediaid":"cE65Z39j","tracks":[{"label":"English","file":"https:\/\/\/hd_video1\/wwe\/2019\/dcexnxt516_02_ntwk\/dcexnxt516_02_ntwk_cc_en.vtt","kind":"captions"}],"playlist_offset":0,"playlist_nid":0,"backfilled":false,"parent_playlist_nid":0,"playlist_title":"Related Videos","playlist_short_headline":"Related Videos","video_offset":0,"picture":"\n<!–[if IE 9]>

Although it is not yet known which stipulations Cole and Gargano will choose, Regal made clear in his announcement that the rubber match is intended to settle the score once and for all, adding an air of finality to this raging rivalry.

Tune in for the fireworks when TakeOver: Toronto streams live Saturday, Aug. 10, at 7 ET/4 PT, exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.
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