Fairfax, VA – 8.24.2018

Commentary: Kevin Ford, Jason Heat, Innocent Isaiah, and Dennis Kerwin.

1. Faye Jackson defeated Barbi Hayden in 6:38 with a Michinoku Driver.

2. CRAB Wrestling Championship: Isaiah Frazier (w/Coach Gator) (Champion) and Josh Fuller went to a Draw in 9:08, after a superplex led to a cradle where both men’s shoulders were pinned to the mat.

3. Logan Easton Laroux defeated Marko Stunt in 6:32 after catching Stunt in mid-air with the Gentrification (Ace Crusher.)

4. Alexander James submitted Bobby Shields in a modified key lock in 6:28.
– After the match Logan Easton Laroux tried to ambush James, but James caught him and sent both Logan and Bobby packing. James, who won the right to pick his own match at “NOVA Project 4” by winning a Gauntlet match last month at “American Slang ’18”, used that right to make a match between himself and Logan Easton Laroux at that event next month. The winner gets control of the 1% faction, while the loser leaves NOVA Pro.

5. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) (w/Coach Mikey) defeated Pop Culture (Jason Cade & Veda Scott) with Launchpad McQuack onto both opponents in 11:48.

6. Arik Royal defeated John Skyler with a football tackle in 13:55.

7. Terra Callaway issued an open challenge due to Allie Kat being unable to make the show. She defeated Aspyn Rose, Jinx, Emma Lou, and Jordan Blade in four consecutive singles matches before Brittany Blake and Penelope Ford took her on in a singles match. Blake and Ford defeated Callaway in 5:40 with a crossbody into a roll-up.

8. Jordynne Grace submitted Shotzi Blackheart to a Bearhug in 7:24.
– After the match, Jordynne challenged whomever is the Powerbomb TV Independent Wrestling champion after Sunday’s WWR event (Shotzi or “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams) to a championship match at NOVA Project 4.

9. Homicide & Nick Gage defeated Wheeler YUTA & Tim Donst when Homicide made YUTA pass out in a choke hold.

10. The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) defeated The Philly Marino Experience (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia) with the Hooligan Driver on Collins in 9:00.
– After the match, Coach Mikey, on behalf of the Ugly Ducklings, challenged The Hooligans to a “Ducks, Ladders, and Chairs” match at NOVA Project 4, to which the Hooligans accepted.

11. SUP Bonestorm Championship: Dominic Garrini retained the title over Kevin Ku in 10:15 via referee stoppage as Garrini had Ku in a triangle choke and was elbowing him repeatedly in the head.

12. Beau Crockett and Teddy King (replacing the injured Jake Hollister, who was ringside) defeated The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) in 12:50 due to interference from an unknown man, allowing Beau to pick up a pinfall.

13. Sage Philips submitted Jonathan Gresham in 27:19, reversing Gresham’s own figure four and making Gresham tap out.
– Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku attacked both men after the match, busting open Philips’ ear in the process when Philips tried to come to Gresham’s aid. Gresham admired Philips’ attempt to save him, and for the match they had, and issued a tag team challenge for himself and Philips to face Garrini and Ku at NOVA Project 4.

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