Fairfax, VA – 11.23.2018

Commentary:Kevin Ford, Jason Heat, Innocent Isaiah & Kevin Skiffington

Kickoff Show

  1. Lucas Calhoun defeated BLANK (w/Still Life With Apricots and Pears) in 4:18 with a pendulum stretch.
    2. Lady Frost defeated Genesis with a tornado kick in 4:50.
    3. Ryan Sasquatch defeated Bobby Shields via disqualification when Shields kicked Sasquatch in the dick in 0:13.
    4. Elimination Match: Steve Manders defeated Jake Parnell, Aleki, Mack Buckler, and Josh Fuller.
    – Manders eliminated Fuller with the Kinnick Stampede in 2:19.
    – Parnell eliminated Buckler with a top rope double stomp in 4:14.
    – Parnell eliminated Aleki with a top rope double stomp in 8:31.
    – Manders eliminated Parnell with the Kinnick Stampede in 11:11.

Main Show

  1. Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Gator Pit (Brian Johnson, “Big Beef” Jake Garvin, Satu Jinn, Alex Herzog, Mikey Banker & Ariela Nyx) defeated Isaiah Frazier, Capitol Vices (Money Greene & J-Sinn), The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) & Jordan Blade

– Nyx and Blade wrestled to a double count out at 4:52.
– Devin Cutter was disqualified at 10:34 by illegally choking Herzog.
– Mason Cutter was disqualified at 10:34 after he and Devin refused to stop attacking one of their opponents in the corner by the referees five count.
– Mikey Banker was eliminated by J-Sinn at 17:46.
– Alex Herzog was eliminated by J-Sinn with a powerbomb at 18:20.
– Brian Johnson eliminated J-Sinn with a cradle at 18:43.
– Money Greene was eliminated by Garvin after a tombstone at 21:36.
– Satu Jinn was eliminated by Frazier with a cradle at 23:00.
– Isaiah Frazier was eliminated at 27:28, submitting to Johnson’s figure four leg lock..
Survivors: Brian Johnson and “Big Beef” Jake Garvin.

  1. Jonathan Gresham pinned Breaux Keller with a schoolboy press at 11:41.
    – Bobby Shields rang the pin after Keller hit Gresham with a Falcon Arrow to purposefully make Keller think he had won the match when Gresham had kicked out at two.

  2. Wheeler YUTA defeated Sage Philips with a reverse brainbuster in 8:29.

  3. Triathlon Match: Terra Callaway, Rain & Shotzi Blackheart defeated Brittany Blake, Penelope Ford & Allie Kat 2 falls to 0

– 1st Fall: Rain defeated Allie Kat in 8:33 with a roll-up thanks to an attack from Callaway.
– 2nd Fall: Terra Callaway & Shotzi Blackheart defeated Brittany Blake & Penelope Ford in 3:26 when Callaway chokeslammed Blake.

  1. Torneo Cibernetico: Arik Royal, The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy), The Carnies (Nick Iggy, Kerry Awful & Tripp Cassidy) & Innocent Isaiah vs. Logan Easton Laroux, Kevin Ku, Travis Huckabee, Victor Benjamin, Jaxon Stone & The Main Attraction (Beau Crockett, Paul Jordane & Teddy King)

– Isaiah eliminated Beau Crockett at 12:19.
– Benjamin eliminated Kermon at 20:42.
– Jordane eliminated Isaiah at 25:09.
– Ku eliminated Lude at 27:53.
– Benjamin eliminated Killjoy at 31:46.
– Royal eliminated Stone at 33:55.
– Cassidy eliminated King at 35:29.
– Royal eliminated Jordane at 37:12.
– Royal eliminated Huckabee at 38:57.
– Ku eliminated Iggy at 40:36.
– Ku eliminated Awful at 42:16.
– Benjamin eliminated Cassidy at 43:01.
– Royal eliminated Laroux at 45:24.
– Royal eliminated Ku at 45:33.
– Benjamin eliminated Royal: 47:41
Cibernetico Winner: Victor Benjamin

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