Credit: Andy Goss
Commentary: Jason Heat, Innocent Isaiah, Kevin Skiffington, and Tim German.

1. John Kermon defeated Bobby Shields in 5:41 with a kneebar.
2. Rebel over Ariela Nyx in 8:41 with a front suplex.
3. Innocent Isaiah over Beau Crockett in 11:38 with an O’Connor Roll.
4. Pro Wrestling Freedom Tri-States Champion: Sage Philips defends over Tim Donst in 12:01 with a Shiranui.
5. Isaiah Frazier vs Tito Santana goes to a No Contest at 3:52 when both men get tired of Coach Gator and Mikey Banker, leading to…
5A. Isaiah Frazier and Tito Santana defeated Mikey Banker and Coach Gator in 5:43 when Tito submits Mikey to the figure-four.
6. Capital Vices (J-Sin and Money Greene) defeated Ethan Cross and John Washington in 0:58 when Sin pins Cross after their powerbomb/neckbreaker combo finisher.
7. Sahara Seven defeated Gemma Cross in 7:43 with the Gory Bomb.
8. Josh Fuller defeated Swoggle in 8:06 with a Shining Wizard.
9. Allie Kat defeated Logan Easton LaRoux in 15:08 with the Pussy Piledriver.

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