Fairfax, VA – 7.28.2018

Commentary: Kevin Ford, Jason Heat, Innocent Isaiah & Kevin Skiffington

Pre-Show Match: Cool Caution Kyle, Donnie Primetime, “Lights” Cameron Action & Laynie Luck defeated Jaxon Stone, Mack Buckler, Eddy Only & Gemma Cross when Luck pinned Cross with a German suplex in 8:25.

1. Bobby Shields defeated Dominic Garrini, Isaiah Frazier, GPA, Victor Benjamin, and Brian Johnson in 4:16, pinning Frazier with a schoolboy.

2. Mia Yim pinned Harlow O’Hara with a Package Piledriver in 4:42

3. Angelus Layne defeated Allie Kat via countout in 8:09 after Angelus handcuffed Allie to an entrance fixture and Allie could not make it back into the ring before the referee’s count.

4. Josh Fuller (w/Mack Buckler) defeated Coach Gator (w/Isaiah Frazier) in 3:55.

5. Jordynne Grace submitted Rain with a Bearhug in 10:10.

6. Jonathan Gresham made Timothy Thatcher pass out in a sleeper hold in 12:55.

7. Alexander James pinned Sage Philips with an arm capture brainbuster in 9:32.

8. Wheeler YUTA pinned Logan Easton Laroux (w/Stokely Hathaway) with a prawn hold in 8:21.

9. Terra Callway pinned Veda Scott with a full nelson slam in 8:05.

10. Faye Jackson submitted Madison Rayne to a half crab in 6:09.

11. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) defeated The Philly-Marino Experience (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia), Lucas Calhoun & Cabana Man Dan, and Beau Crockett & Jake Hollister in 17:54 with the Ducksday Device on Hollister.

12. Street Fight: Tim Donst defeated Nick Gage with a cradle after breaking a bundle of light tubes over Gage’s head in 8:33.

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