Fairfax, VA – 7.6.2018

Commentators: Kevin Ford, Jason Heat, Innocent Isaiah, and Dennis Kerwin

Pre-Show; Gauntlet Match: The Winner of the match gets to pick their opponent for “NOVA Project 4” on September 21st.
– Jake Parnell defeated Mikey Banker in 2:57.
– Jake Parnell defeated Graham Bell in 2:52.
– Jake Parnell defeated “Juke Joint” Lucas Calhoun in 2:26.
– Jake Parnell defeated “Big Beef” Jake Garvin in 3:33.
– Jake Parnell defeated Gary Jay in 6:54.
– John Kermon submitted Jake Parnell with a guillotine choke in 2:41.
– “The Savage Gentleman” Victor Benjamin pinned John Kermon with a tornado kick in 0:12.
– “Hawkeye” Steve Manders pinned “The Savage Gentleman” Victor Benjamin with a powerslam in 6:19.
– Bobby Shields defeated Steve Manders in 3:31.
– Isaiah Frazier defeated Bobby Shields in 3:50.
– Alexander James defeated Isiah Frazier in 2:21.
– Alexander James defeated Killer Killy in 1:32 due to referee stoppage from injury. Thankfully, she’ll be OK.

By virtue of this win, Alexander James will get to choose his opponent for NOVA Project 4 on September 21.

Main Show

1. Jordynne Grace submitted David Starr to a bearhug in 14:21.

2. Team Blue Nation (Charli Evans & Jessica Troy) defeated Bad Behavior (Brittany Blake & Penelope Ford) with a double team on Blake in 7:16.

3. Knockout or Tap Out Only: Dominic Garrini defeated Sage Philips via referee stoppage with repeated elbows to the side of Philips’ head.

4. Shazza McKenzie defeated Harlow O’Hara with the Shazztastic Stunner in 7:26.

5. The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) defeated The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) and The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) in 18:15 with the Hooligan Driver on Lude.

6. Tim Donst defeated Jaxon Stone with “Safety Last” in 6:35.

7. Faye Jackson pinned Deonna Purrazzo with “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in 6:40.

8. Logan Easton Laroux (w/Stokely Hathaway) defeated Jonathan Gresham with an Ace Crusher after Hathaway crotched Gresham on the top turnbuckle in 14:34.

9. Allie Kat defeated Kimber Lee with a ripcord headbutt in 9:26.

10. Powerbomb TV Independent Wrestling Championship: “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams retained over Arik Royal with a piledriver in 14:35.

11. Homicide defeated Wheeler YUTA after a low blow and a small package in 13:29.

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