Annandale, VA – 12.27.2017

Commentary: Kevin Ford, Innocent Isaiah, Jason Heat, Nick Gage, and Kevin Skiffington.

Kickoff Show:
1. Kaci Dillon pinned Amanda Rodriguez (ACR) in 4:22.

  1. The Gator Pit (Alex Herzog, Jake Garvin, Mikey Banker & Satu Jinn) & Beau Crockett defeated Capitol Vices (J-Sin & Money Greene), Innocent Isaiah, Josh Fuller & Mack Buckler when Garvin splashed Buckler against the ropes at 12:52.

Main Show:
1. Nick Gage pinned John Kermon with a Ganso Bomb in 5:40.

  1. Harlow O’Hara defeated Penelope Ford with a leg capture DDT in 6:30.

  2. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) w/Coach Mikey defeated Sadkampf (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) in 11:42, pinning Garrini with Launchpad McQuack.

  3. Faye Jackson defeated Jordan Blade in 8:36 with “Drop It Like It’s Hot” (Michinoku Driver).

  4. Powerbomb TV Independent Wrestling Championship Opportunity: Logan Easton Laroux defeated Wheeler YUTA, Tim Donst, and Harlem Bravado, pinning Bravado after YUTA gave Bravado a reverse brainbuster in 9:31. Because of this win, Laroux earned a future Powerbomb TV Independent Wrestling Championship match.

  5. Isaiah Frazier defeated Brian Johnson in 11:48 with two Busaiku Knees.

  6. PWF Tri-State Championship: Sage Philips defeated Allie Kat in 13:19 with a double underhook brainbuster.

  7. “The Savage Gentleman” Victor Benjamin pinned Arik Royal in 12:25 after throwing a salt like substance into Royal’s eyes before hitting him with a cyclone kick.

  8. Jonathan Gresham pinned Breaux Keller with a bridging back cradle in 8:01.

10. Fans Bring The Weapons Match: Terra Callaway defeated Brittany Blake in 10:28 after a chokeslam into thumbtacks.

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