“Rip Her to Shreds” – March 10, 2018 – 8:00 PM

Commentary: Kevin Ford, Dennis Kerwin, and Jason Heat.

1. Allie Kat & Tim Donst defeated Logan Easton Laroux & Tim Donst when Kat pinned Shields after a Ripcord Headbutt.
2. Laynie Luck pinned Machiko with a German suplex.
3. The Problematic Favs (Aspyn Rose & JINX) defeated Hyan and Ariela Nyx when Rose hit a stunner on Hyan.
4. Isla Dawn submitted Kylie Rae with a Dragon Sleeper.
5. Commonwealth Cup Qualifying Match: Faye Jackson submitted Terra Callaway with the Thunder Thighs of Doom to advance into the tournament.
– After the match, Mia Yim announced she was in the tournament and challenged Faye to a Round One match.
6. Brittany Blake pinned Hudson Envy after a top rope double stomp to the back.
7. Jordan Blade pinned Harlow O’Hara with a jumping neckbreaker.
8. Solo Darling submitted Tasha Steelz to the Sharp Stinger.
9. Allie Kat pinned Holidead with a Ripcord Headbutt.
10. Angelus Layne pinned Rain after spitting water in her eyes, rolling her up, and holding her tights.

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“Sink or Swim” – March 10, 2018 – 3:30 PM

Commentary: Kevin Ford, Jason Heat, Kevin Skiffington, Frank Tweets, Dennis Kerwin, Angelus Layne, Allie Kat, Beau Crockett, and Coach Gator

1. Mikey Banker defeated Josh Fuller by DQ when Fuller wouldn’t stop stomping Banker in the corner before the referee’s five count.
2. Benjamin Banks & Victor Grif defeated “Wild Card” Jason Radatz & CizzKO when Banks pinned CizzKO with the World’s Strongest Slam.
3. Joe King defeated Billy Dixon, Britt Jackson, and Freddie Hudson with an Ace Crushor on Dixon.
4. Beau Crockett & Jake Hollister defeated Los Chicanos (Jonathan and Jeff Castro) when Beau hit a Rainmaker.
5. Calvin Couture defeated Slade Porter, grabbing the ropes during the pin.
6. Jordan Blade defeated Josalynn with a jump-up neckbreaker.
7. Tremor defeated Jonathan Avery, Abel 13, “Big Bully” Dre Parker, and Dan Perez with a chokeslam on Perez.
8. Darius Lockhart pinned Donnie Primetime after a back suplex into a Falcon Arrow.
9. Cabana Dan Dan defeated Travis Huckabee when Huckabee tried a Magistral cradle and Dan cut back and pinned Huckabee’s shoulders down.
10. Irvin Legend & Chris Volta defeated Lights Cameron Action & O’Shay Edwards when Legend pinned O’Shay.
11. Aspyn Rose defeated JINX, Hyan, and Harlow O’Hara by choking out O’Hara with a sleeper hold.
12. Billy Zen defeated CPA and Bobby Orlando with a Busaiku Knee on Orlando.
13. The Cross Brothers (Aden and Christian Cross) defeated Gingerverse (Mark Vandy & Jakob Brawn) and The Grimy Scots (Hamish Stuart & Grizzly McBain) with the Cross Bros pinning the Gingerverse.
14. Steve Manders and Mik Drake went to a 10 minute time limit draw.
15. John Washington defeated Shane InYaFace and Jakob Edwinn in a triple threat match when Washington pinned InYaFace.
16. Isaiah Frazier & Tony Atlas defeated The Mason Dixon Line (Silas Mason & Devin Dixon) when Frazier pined Silas with a crossbody.
17. Tim Donst defeated Logan Easton Laroux via DQ when Laroux kneed Donst in the groin.

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