Single girl, big city

It’s SummerSlam Week, and the Bella Family has relocated to New York City. Shenanigans, predictably, ensue, the biggest of which is a blind date that’s so out of left-field Nikki doesn’t even know it’s happening. Mama Bella is the instigator, having invited a male model to family dinner without informing her daughter of the setup. […]

The Miz and Cesaro to battle with their partners in their corners five nights before Royal Rumble

Following the chaotic scene last week that saw The Miz and Sheamus’ one-on-one match conclude with both The Celtic Warrior and Cesaro being covered in cake, The A-Lister and Swiss Superman will battle this Tuesday just five nights before the Royal Rumble SmackDown Tag Team Championship clash between the two units. With both Shane McMahon […]