New-attitude Rhea Ripley faces NXT newcomer MJ Jenkins

August 31, 2018
New-attitude Rhea Ripley faces NXT newcomer MJ Jenkins

After making a splash in the inaugural Mae Young Classic, Australia’s Rhea Ripley returns to tournament competition to face new NXT signee MJ Jenkins in the First Round.

Ripley has undergone a severe attitude change since last year’s event. Gone is the smiling, excitable Superstar who was just looking to make a good impression. She no longer tries to hide her surliness or her sneer. The audacious Aussie has always been athletic, but now she pairs her freaky strength with a mean streak, trashing opponents like they’re somebody’s unsuspecting uncle who just stumbled into a mosh pit.

In contrast to Ripley’s rough and tumble ways, Jenkins is smooth and sleek inside the ring. A protégé of WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz, Jenkins is a colorful and charismatic burst of energy, and nothing would kick-start her WWE career quite like winning the Mae Young Classic.

But to accomplish that, of course, she must get through Ripley in the First Round, streaming this Wednesday on WWE Network.

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