After receiving advice from half the locker room — Finn Bálor, Alexa Bliss and even Ronda RouseyBecky Lynch did what she had to do to keep her WrestleMania match and apologized to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, albeit with a warning that she still didn’t trust them and a vow that anyone who tried to steal her dream away from her would be in for the fight of their life. The McMahons accepted her apology. Or at least most of them did.

There was one member of the ruling family who wasn’t quite on board with The Man’s contrition, and it was the one with the deciding vote: Mr. McMahon emerged with just minutes to go in the broadcast, and he had harsh words in store for Becky’s “bad attitude” and apparent belief that she was bigger than WWE. (Same went for Ronda, who came to the ring for a staredown with her challenger following Becky’s apology). “You’re not The Man, I’m The Man,” The Chairman declared before throwing down a 60-day suspension for Lynch that expires five days after WrestleMania. That meant Rousey needed a new challenger — a Superstar, Mr. McMahon said, who knew their lane and how to stay in it. The woman in question turned out to be Charlotte Flair, who emerged after a glowing introduction from The Chairman with a smile on her face while Becky fumed in the ring.

And The Chairman made no bones as to who he preferred to win the new-look title match, raising The Queen’s hand as Raw went to black — a preview, he said, of what awaits Rousey at WrestleMania. Any controversy aside, Mr. McMahon’s ruling now sets up Rousey to face an exceptional foe who has bad blood with the champion and a knack for making history at her opponents’ expense. Becky Lynch, on the other hand, has now lost everything. Which, of course, means she now has nothing to lose.

Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey brawl with The Riott Squad after Raw: Exclusive, Feb. 11, 2019

Following Mr. McMahon’s earth-shattering WrestleMania announcement, The Man forms a temporary alliance with The Rowdy One to repel a Riott Squad attack.

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