More Details On Brodie Lee’s Condition Leading To His Passing

January 15, 2021

The passing of Brodie Lee was sudden and tragic, leaving a lot of questions to be asked in the wake. It had been revealed he had passed of a non-COVID related lung issue, and now it seems we have another detail surrounding his tragic passing.

Despite many questions surrounding it, Amanda Huber kept repeating he did not have COVID-19. In fact, in an emotional Instagram post, Huber said she wished it was COVID because it would’ve given her some sort of full answer as to what was going on. Now we know that while it wasn’t COVID, we know a fraction of what was wrong.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported Brodie Lee had suffered pre-existing lung damage, but they did not note what the damage was. By the time doctors figured it out, it was too late to save Brodie Lee.

Regarding the death of Brodie Lee, there was apparently lung damage that he had previously that was not diagnosed with prior to his lungs not working but even when they figured that out they weren’t able to save him

News like this only makes it sadder to hear Lee had not been able to qualify for a lung transplant. And while Lee may be gone, All Elite Wrestling has been taking care of his family and his friends are making sure his legacy lives on.

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