Dezmond Xavier states, without hesitation, that 2019 will be The Year of The Rascalz – and he’s set to spill the trio’s strategy when he is one of the special guests on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast. Dez will be joined by Trey and Wentz for their first Rascalz media interviews.

The Rascalz will be the Press Pass Podcast guests on Thursday, Dec. 13, starting at 2pm ET.

The Rascalz will join Josh Mathews and Ross Forman to talk everything IMPACT, especially their high-flying, energetic ways.

The road to the Homecoming pay-per-view on Jan. 6, 2019, will be a Rascalz sensation.

Plan your questions now for Dez, Trey and Wentz – and who knows what they might say. After all, the Press Pass Podcast is live, uncensored.

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Homecoming pay-per-view on Jan. 6, 2019, in Nashville.

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