Matt Hardy Calls Out Fan Who Threatened His Family

October 12, 2019
Being in the public eye is hard enough. Having you every move scrutinized by millions of people is something not many in this world have to go through. For the most part, people on social media tend to treat most others like human beings, but then there are a select few who say things on social platforms that are uncalled for. Celebrities seem to get more of the vitriol and threats, sometimes it even spreads to the celebrities family.

Matt Hardy took to Twitter to call out a “fan” who threatened him and his family. The person tried to delete their post, but as we know, Matt Hardy is the king of deletion, and he chose to not let this tweet go unnoticed.

We live in a world where threats should not be taken lightly, you don’t know the person posting or their mental state. It was good for Matt to bring attention to this, and hopefully he and his family are safe.

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