Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik & Humberto Carrillo def. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

Following a competitive match between Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado that saw The Golden Lynx added to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match at WWE Clash of Champions, they were attacked by the champion Drew Gulak and Tony Nese after the match. As a result, Dorado and Carrillo were set to face Nese and Gulak in tag team action tonight. However, as they made their way to the ring, Gulak and Nese attacked and were joined by Ariya Daivari.

As Nese, Gulak and Daivari took down Dorado and Carrillo, Gran Metalik made his way to the ring, dispelling the aggressors. Carrillo then challenged Nese, Gulak and Daivari to a Six-Man Tag Team Match.

As Gulak exercised his will on Dorado, The Lucha House Party’s resident hothead found a burst of energy to take down the champion with a hurricanrana, and despite Gulak making a tag to Nese, Metalik entered the contest and showed off his uncanny ability to manipulate the ropes and put his opponents on defense. However, as the action spilled to the outside, The Premier Athlete leveled Metalik.

Once again, Nese, Gulak and Daivari took turns decimating The King of the Ropes. Showing an excessive level of confidence, Daivari took down Dorado and taunted Carrillo. This allowed Gran Metalik to drop The Persian Lion and tag in Humberto Carrillo.

Fired up and fresh, Carrillo charged forward, taking down all his opponents and flattening them with a moonsault to the outside. The Mexican Superstar continued to show off his incredible ability, nearly claiming victory by pinning the WWE Cruiserweight Champion until Nese intervened.

Despite the efforts to stop Carrillo’s offense, the Mexican Superstar continued to show off his incredible resilience. As the battle continued to rage, Nese, Gulak and Daivari attempted to execute a synchronous high-risk move but were all dropped by their opponents. As Dorado, Metalik and Carrillo attempted three moonsaults, their opponents countered but were met with superkicks, leaving every competitor on the mat.

The six Superstars continued to brawl, but as Carrillo took down Nese on the outside and Metalik took Daivari off the ring apron with a hurricanrana, Dorado countered Gulak’s Cyclone Crash and dropped Gulak. Quickly capitalizing on the moment, Dorado ascended the ropes and executed a Shooting Star Press to pick up the victory.

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