Lars Sullivan is under fire once again and a hot topic in the IWC. He was fined $100,000 after sponsors complained of his controversial comments on a bodybuilding message board which he had made years ago. Sullivan was between the ages of 18 and 25-years-old.

Dave Meltzer discussed this fine on Wrestling Observer Radio. He said it was a big deal and Sullivan is actually now tied for the second largest fine in WWE history. Here is what he said:

“I know some people thought that stuff was not real, the fine’s real.”

“I mean they publicly announced the number and they’ve never done that before. I mean there have been guys to get fined. Steve Austin got fined $250,000 if you remember for walking out and Dave Bautista got fined $100,000 for blading when he was told he wasn’t supposed to. Those are the two biggest fines I’ve ever heard. There might be others, but those are the two I’ve heard.”

“So this would be tied for the second biggest fine in the history of the company as far as I know.”

It was noted that WWE was well aware of this situation for a while now. However, it is doubtful they knew of this at the time of signing Lars Sullivan. If the company was aware of his controversial comments, he might not have been signed in the first place.

Sullivan’s fine ties the fine Batista had to pay for blading when he wasn’t supposed to, during a steel cage match against Chris Jericho on RAW in 2008.


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h/t to Ringside News for the transcription.

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