Lars Sullivan said a lot of remarks of a racist and homophobic nature on a bodybuilding message board nearly a decade ago and that came back to haunt him as he has been fined $100,000 by WWE.

On Figure Four Daily, Lance Storm brought up an interesting point while discussing Lars Sullivan’s situation. He wondered who would even hire Sullivan if he were to be fired by WWE. It also let to the question of how long ago something needs to happen before “the statute of limitations for being an asshole” runs up.

“I didn’t read all of his comments and from what I understand they’re horrible. I don’t know whether he meant any of them or whether he was just an asshole troll in a previous life. I’ve met Lars. He was there when I went to the PC the last time and I liked him, I chatted with him, I got along with him, but it is funny the fact that an independent contractor could be fined for something that he did before he was even signed to be an independent contractor is crazy, but it’s also a case of if you want to work here we either fire you or you agree to a punishment and obviously he agreed to a punishment.”

“If all goes well for him moving forward he will eventually pay for this fine and make money, but it does open up that interesting can of worms. It was the same can of worms that came up with Hulk Hogan and other things. With Hogan it’s a little less because of his age, but like if WWE hardballed him and fired him it’s like well AEW can’t hire him now or they’ll look like crap. Impact can’t hire him because they’d look like crap. Ring Of Honor can’t because it’s like ‘well no way because WWE said we can’t tolerate it.’ It’s like is it fair to deny a guy a career for life because he was an internet troll?”

“Again, I didn’t read them so I don’t know how bad they were, but again it does raise an interesting question about statute of limitations about being an asshole and someone’s right to actually make a living it’s very interesting.”

Lance Storm failed to mention NJPW. The company most likely would have shown interest in Sullivan if he was released, as they don’t care as much about public controversy.

Sullivan hasn’t competed in a match on the main roster since his debut, but that match will be happening soon. He is being booked like a monster and perhaps he will have a good career in the WWE.

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h/t to Ringsidenews for the transcription.

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